The name of Yong Furniture store reflects the family’s heritage and passion for Chinese culture. ‘Yong - 永’ means ‘eternal’ in Chinese, and it was inspired by the family’s original business, which was established by Pong and Tee’s father in 1983.

With their expertise in importing goods from China and their interest in Chinese culture, the family began a reproduction Chinese furniture business in 2009. Started as a very small shop in an alley of Samyan, a Thai-Chinese neighborhood, it moved to a bigger store in the Bang Khun Thian area in 2019. For more than ten years, Yong Furniture store has continued to offer authentic classical Chinese style pieces to its customers.

Pong and Tee are siblings who operate Yong Furniture store. Pong obtained her degree from Shanghai and is in charge of customer relations and overall administration. Tee pursued architecture and manages the marketing and aesthetics part. Both of them share a passion for culture and history, and has conveyed this identity to the store.

Classic Chinese furniture exudes elegance. It astonishes with its simplicity, and pure beauty. To make art like this be admired in the everyday life of common people, it must be easily approachable, comprehensible, and uncomplicated. This is a challenge to continually improve the store to attract more Chinese furniture enthusiasts every day. It is a delight to witness the shop evolve into a small community for people who appreciate Chinese culture as well.

Yong Furniture showroom
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